Got Lighting?

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How to Determine if You Need Additional Lighting

Think about the place where you might like to shoot your video interview.  (We come to you, to provide Fort Worth video production service and Dallas video production services. We can provide a solution for you onsite, at your office – because your location is the best place to tell your story.) But, back to the best location at your office – is there a good site for your “close-up”?

Ask yourself the following questions about that location in your place of business.

  • If you took a picture using a digital camera, would you have to use a flash?
  • Are there a lot of contrasting shadows – areas of bright light and darkness – within the room?
  • Are you sitting or standing under fluorescent lights?
  • Do you want to set the stage for an elegant background – such as a showroom, or well-lit retail facility?  Even a well-lit room can benefit from additional lighting, when it comes to video.
  • Did you schedule your shoot at night??? We probably should reschedule…

If you’ve never been in a broadcast environment, or on a movie set, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to lighting.  Additional lighting will make you and your place of business look better on camera, it’s that simple.  However, the choice is up to you and your budget.

You may want a more natural look – or, you may have a unique location that’s already well-lit.  Whatever the case may be, clients can almost always benefit from additional lighting onsite.

At Your Online Video, we try not to surprise our clients with additional charges, or up-sell them into things they don’t need.  That being said, an investment in additional lighting is a great way to make sure you – and your company – look your absolute best.

If it would help you in making your decision, take a digital high-res picture (without a flash) of the room or area where you would like to be interviewed.  Send your picture to, and we’ll take a look!

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