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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Fort Worth video production service, or Dallas video production service. Your story, your way: YourOnlineVideo

  1. I’ve heard that professional video productions cost as much as $3,000 per minute. How are you able to keep your prices so low?
  2. Answer: We are a small business of broadcast professionals, who have created a process for making you look great online, at affordable rates. Our focus on our process provides an excellent value for our clients. By following an established format, everyone knows what to expect, and our shooting can be completed in less than 90 minutes in the studio (or 2 hours onsite). Each production is unique, each story has its own production, but our business model is designed to maximize your time and your impact online. As a small business, we manage overhead very carefully. We aren’t creating a big-budget movie studio or TV network – just great online videos.

  3. What kind of business is a good fit for an online video?
  4. Answer: Businesses who want to showcase their skills, their processes, their people or their service. If your business does not have a good quality video online, then you could benefit from Additionally, individual service providers, such as medical professionals, job seekers, therapists and professional speakers can benefit from a well-produced online video.

  5. Who stars in the video? Who writes the script?
  6. Answer:The star of the show is you: your company, your services, and your products. The script takes shape based on an interview format, which we edit for you. There are no lines to memorize, and no script to review! It’s spontaneous and real – the best way to create interesting video. Script services are available, but the best person to tell your story is probably you.

  7. What if I want to create a commercial, or a training video. Do you provide other types of production services, or is it just 2-3 minute web videos?
  8. Answer:Our team has extensive experience in broadcasting, including commercials, industrial films, television production and more. Our focus, however, is on low-cost, professional web videos. By sticking to our core competency, we can keep our costs low and our quality high. We can make recommendations if you need a commercial, training video, or other production services.

  9. Why don’t you quote hourly rates, like most production companies?
  10. Answer: We provide clear pricing for our services based on outcomes, not hours. We are not an editing facility; we create and produce complete videos. Our service is a process, and we focus on the finished product. We work hard to keep our process efficient, and we pass the savings on to you.

  11. What are your payment terms?
  12. Answer:50% down to schedule the shoot; 50% due upon completion of the disc (usually within 72 hours after the shoot). Ask us to quote rush fees, if you need your finished product sooner.

  13. Will you post my video online, or youtube, vimeo, or simliar site?
  14. Answer: All our videos are placed online on YouTube and Vimeo – two sites that are easily accessed by you, your prospects and clients. You can embed the link to your video in your website, and we can provide simple instructions on how to do that. It’s easy!

  15. Will you post my video onto my corporate website?
  16. Answer: We can’t place videos on corporate websites that we did not build. We will provide you with embedded links and downloadable versions of your video. However, due to liability and technical issues, we can not put your video on a website that we did not build.

  17. Will you build a website for me/my company, so I can display my video?
  18. Answer: We have the ability to build and design a basic website, in WordPress or simliar format. However, there are many web design companies who specialize in this business, and their capabilities may be more suited to your company. Let us know what you need – we will try to help, and offer a recommendation that best suits you.

  19. I’ve never performed on camera before and I’m not an actor or TV reporter. How do I know I will look good and not embarrass myself?
  20. Answer:Our team is not only experienced behind the camera, but in front of it as well. Together, we’ve created 100s of videos and we know what looks good. Our job is to help you relax; you talk about your business and we take care of the rest.

  21. Can I create ads with this footage, send videos to customers, or use it at trade shows?
  22. Answer: Yes, yes, and yes.

  23. What if I want to create a monthly video, like a video blog, v-zine, or similar online tools to reach more customers?
  24. Answer: Contact us for discounted monthly production rates, based on a long-term contract.

  25. How many rounds of editing are included in the package price? Can I make changes to my video in the future, and how much will that cost?
  26. Answer: Typically, one round of editing is included. We provide a rough draft for review online, you respond with changes (if any), we make the corrections and you are good to go. Typical edits include word order, spelling or graphics. We can also re-order segments, or delete sections if you wish. Adding new material requires a re-shoot (of course) and would be a separate negotiation to get you what you need.

  27. What if I already have an existing video? Will you edit it for me, or incorporate it into this new project?
  28. Answer:We can review it to see how (or if) we can use it. We can also work with high-resolution images, if they meet certain criteria. Contact us for details.

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